🌍 Let´s also strike in the web 🌍


Also in the web!

Take only 5 minutes to create and add a timed and customized website strike-banner to also create awareness online.

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The banner is also fully mobile optimized! (works for all timezones)

Select a time period in which the banner should appear. The banner will automatically be activated based on the selected time period and disappear the day after.

Start Date

End Date

To give the text a background color, simply use the symbol * before and after the word. Example: *Words*

To make a word STRONG simply use the symbols ** before and after the word. Example: **Words**

Call to Action Button

Please only use images-urls which are hosted by yourself or where you have the permission to do so.

A countdown until the banner will be close automatically. Use the preview button to test it.

Strike banner design preview below

Share your design and all settings via link with a colleque

Copy link to clipboard

General info: Once the script has been added to your website, the strike-banner will automatically be activated and deactivated according to the selected time-period (Its always based on your local time)

Holds all the needed HTML, JavaScript and Style assets. That's the reason why the code snippet is so long. No externals scripts will be loaded, unless you add the Style Script via the checkbox below or when adding a background image link (source).

Make sure to generate the script again after changing the design or text. Generate Script again

After you have added the script to your site, you can test it by adding #test_strike_banner at the end of the url. Once the countdown is up, you need to open a new tab to test it again. The checkbox "only show once" wont affect the testing environment to make testing easier. (Otherwise you would have to delete your browser storage all the time)


You just need to copy the code snippet and paste it in between your Html HEAD-Tags.

<head> CODE SNIPPET </head>

How to do it in Wordpress? Here is a guide.

How to do it in WIX? Here is a video on Youtube.

This is a open source project. (Github Repo)

Questions, inspiration ect. Contact: julian[ät]happyinbox[dot].io